Angel Readings

If you could talk to an angel what would you like to ask?  Their name, maybe? Or burning questions such as "What is my Life Purpose?" Or "How do I connect with you on a daily basis?"  And maybe, "Can you do things for me and my family?"

Angels are messengers, so they wait for you to speak to them, to ask them for help. The  angels always answer, but sometimes we don’t hear them. But, keep asking them to protect you and watch over your family.

My Four Archangels have been the guiding force behind my gifts and abilities to help others.  I had heard from Spirit a long time ago...that these Archangels were my Guides and Guardians...through and with them I will be able to help others.  Since calling them in with my healing practice and my readings....the miracles have been non-stop.  I am the vessel they use....but they do the work.






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